About Ramli

Ramli is one of the most powerful and wonderful divination which is known in English as geomancy which is traced back in history to the ancient time of prophet idris known as Hermes Trismegistus. It reads the mind of an individual as well as past, present and the future of certain events. However, this site is not meant for teaching ramli but to assist those who has the knowledge of ramli to easily GENERATE, ANALYSE and INTERPRET the 16 ramli objects generated randomly in the fastest and accurate way.

How To Play

The first step is to CHOOSE A TOPIC for the ramli you want to generate. The moment you think of a particular topic or ask about a particular topic, this time is very important as some formulas and judgments are influenced at the time the mind inquires a question so date and time is very crucial in ramli that is why this computer program tells you the date, hour, minutes and seconds that you generated your ramli. The second step is GENERATING THE RAMLI OBJECTS, You have to select the first four ramli objects or you let the program to select for you randomly then proceed to complete the remaining twelve Ramli objects. The third step is ANALYSIS, This section will analyse all the 16 ramli objects and generate their relationships, the first and the seven house of the generated ramli which is very important, the antecedent as well as the groups each objects belong to like its gender, Elements, color, profession, direction, taste, months, days, aspect, planets, alphabet, condition, number, size and other behavior of an object. The last part of the program is INTERPRETATIONS, the program uses certain formulas and rules base on the choosen subject to guide you make your own interpretations and then save it for future references. All the steps mentioned above will depend on the type of SUBSCRIPTIONS you made with us, However ,you can REGISTER and have a free trial of limited number of generated Ramli but you cannot get access to our formulas or resources and saving a particular Generated ramli.

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Note that this time is very important as some formulas and judgments are influenced at the time minds inquire a question so date and time is very crucial in ramli.
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